Ano daw?

Working in a call center industry needs a strong and powerful command of English language. Since i have been in this business for more than five years, I tend to came up with my own English expression and create a new set of vocabulary.. I tend to exaggerates some words , change the inanciation, and even create my own accent….I have a  very complicated relationship with the English language.  American Accent, British, Chinese, Japanese, Puerto Rican Accent and even a conyo accent have been part of my communication. Just to let you know people that a conyo accent is an approximation, or to be more precise, a simulation, of the American accent.  It actually exists in a linguistic limbo inhabited by rich kids or rich people.

Oh my gosh! I feel my nose is bleeding….

Mahal ko ang ating wika kaya mas angkop na mag lahad sa ating lokal na lingguwahe. …. Gaya nga ng naituran ko sa itaas, medyo mahaba-haba na rin ang inilagi ko sa ganitong industriya. Dahil sa tagal na panahon na ginugol ko at walang patid na pakikipagtalastasan sa wikang Ingles, nakaabuo ako ng mga sarili kong salita na may sarilii ko rin pakahulugan.  Hayaan ninyo ilitanya ko sa inyo ang ilan sa mga salitang aking natutunan. Ito ang aking diksyunaryo.

* Who’ s the winner boi?

–       You don’t need to ass.

 * Paypah-  paper     (British accent)

–          I sincerely apologize Mr. Smith if you did not received your papah.  

* Why are you applying for Operational Manager position?

–        I am trippin.

* What is the plural form of man?

–         mens

*  Better believe and you should thrash your self.

–       (Trust talaga yun eh)

 * Team Lead: Guys, tomorrow will be a dress down.

–      So when are we affected?  (When will be effective? talaga)

*  Your permanship is ugly.

–       penmanship

 * Why do you build me up butter up baby?

–   buttercup

* Jerina I will practice you for an interview.

–   First question. Describe your self.      (Tell me something about yourself talga).

* What is the tagalog of quash di ba kalabasa?

–    squash pala

*Past tense of take?

–    taked

* What is a grandmother?- ninang

–   godmother

*  What is feers?- a group of friends.

–      peers

* What is undisputed?

–       undefeated.

* Pass it alone.

–      (Pass it along)

* No classes tomorrow. It has been cancelled by DECS.

–     (DepEd na pala).

Nawa’y naiintindihan at nadagdagan ang inyong kaalaman lalo nasa salitang Ingles. Hehehe…Maligayang araw sa inyo! 😉


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