Munting liham


How are you? How’s everything? Hope you had a great time. This is a response to the letter that you gave me.

Honestly, i dont know how to start then.

It isn’t often that I say this, but I wanted to thank you for being such a good person. You are always around when I need someone to talk with, always willing to listen when I need to talk, and always ready to organise something fun when I need a break. You are one of the most important people in my life, and when I count my blessings I somehow think of you. I don’t think I could have gotten through the last few months working with you. Through the break-ups and career changes and you were always around to lend a hand and tell a joke. I appreciate that more than you know.

Any day that this letter reaches you will be truly special for me. And you are the reason why.
It has been a special day everyday since I’ve first met you. You gave me a reason to wake up and go to work early. As I wake up, I know that I will be joining a world that includes a beautiful person like you.

See those picture?Β Β It felt like my insides were melting, my muscles were dissolving in electricity, and its like some creatures are hammering my lungs.

I want you to know that you have one of my biggest surprise in life. You have surprised me in countless ways, although you may not be knowing it. Your smiles and kindly look always give me a heart attack.

Sincerely yours,



17 thoughts on “Munting liham

    • awwww…may mga admirers ka pala ah…try mo magpost ng mga sulat nila, na curios lang ako bigla ..hehehe..di na kase uso ngayon mga letters eh..lahat online na..modern na kumbaga…kaya nung nakareceive ako ng sulat..tuwang tuwa ako…very classic di ba?..;-)

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