Just an old story

Hi”sweetie”. For a moment i remember that we used this term of endearment for I’m not really sure if 

it means anything to you… or if it should mean anything to me.. But I guess on this rare moment of baring my soul to you, I’ll use it for the very purpose of letting you know how I truly feel…i remember way back we usually use this words of endearment in text and also everytime we met at the office..

I tried to be the ideal man, accompanying you to errands and just “being there” for you when you needed me.

You asked me once why I liked you. And I told you, “Because you make me happy.” And you know what? You really did. You made me happy, in a way that I never thought I could ever be. I thank you for that…
I can’t help but wonder, once in a while, how you’re doing. I wonder if you’re happy, or if some lucky creature is making you happy. I wonder if you still think of me, or even just remember that I exist.

We both love talking and listening–reasons which led us to discuss on matters about life, death, relationship, family, food , places, people, movies, lust and love. She never ran out of questions and I sometimes ran out of answers and vice versa. We debated on unimaginable propositions but we ended up laughing on the way we reasoned out. We asked sorry if we were so brutal and frank with our words…

Just want to grab this opportunity..been a long time weve seen and known each other..time difference? i guess so..even though were at the same building..i admit once in my life that i really love you(i really did..and its done).Thanks for the love and sharing..for letting me  feel that i belong..thanks for simple notes during those times that we are not seeing each other, for the letters and pictures that u gave me.. i always treasured that..thats kinda sweet! Thanks for everything.. life is really like this..but as time goes by..still keep your feet on the ground..ciao!..

(another old story)…;-(

naisulat ilang taon na rin ang nakalipas..

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